A razor-sharp blade of financial domination. Unleashing chaos and extracting merciless profits. Embrace the cold allure of cryptic wealth, slicing through the mundane fabric of finance. Step into the dark abyss of cryptic savagery and emerge as the king of gains.


A cryptic symphony of ruthless profits, poised to slice through the feeble world of finance. Witness the savage elegance as BASED Coin unleashes its blood-soaked dominance, leaving financial adversaries in a wake of terror. Embrace the chaos, revel in the power, and ascend to the pinnacle of wealth with $BASED, the embodiment of financial perfection.

Prepare yourself for a descent into the dark depths of crypto brilliance, where $BASED reigns supreme, mercilessly shredding the boundaries of traditional currencies. Join us, and together, we shall wield $BASED as the instrument of our triumph, leaving the weak and the timid trembling in our wake.


  • Total Supply: $BASED has a based supply of 420,690 billion tokens.

  • Distribution: The tokens are initially distributed through a fair launch, no presales, no bullshit.

  • Utility: $BASED is a community-driven token that embraces its memetic nature, serving as a medium of exchange and reward within meme-centric platforms and communities.

  • taxes: based tax rates 4.2%/6.9% aimed to help sustain the marketing and support community-driven initiatives.

  • Community Rewards: Holders of BASED Memecoin may receive additional tokens as rewards through various community-driven initiatives and activities.



Phase I
Launch: Conduct fair token distribution and list $BASED on exchanges.

Phase II
Adoption: Drive community engagement and increase $BASED adoption.

Phase III
Growth: Expand utility and partnerships, enhancing the value of $BASED.

Phase IV
Innovation: Explore new features and technology to maintain $BASED competitiveness.